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Ireland is a hotspot for whale watching and the whale watching season for Minke whale, fin whales and humpback whales is longer in Irish waters than in most countries.

So if you want the best chance to see these stunning creatures in real life you can book a flight to Ireland.

From the shore

You don’t have to board a boat to see whales and dolphins in Ireland. Along the entire coast of the country you will find plenty of excellent vantage points from which you can admire the elegant animals from a safe distance with a little research, some planning, and a lot of luck. A pair of binoculars is a must!whale2

Best Places Dolphin and whale watching from the shore – Source:


Many of the small Irish Islands offer good conditions for dolphin and whale watching from the shore. Cape Clear is considered an excellent example. From this island you can sometimes see several species of whales, dolphins and basking sharks.

Boat excursions

You can take boat trips in the whale watching season to guarantee a closer look. West Cork is especially great in the summer and it a perfect place to witness some whaling sights. In Carrigaholt in Country Clare you are more likely to find fin and minke whales. A boat trip in Inishowen (Country Donegal) is a good starting point if you want to see orcas.whale4

Whale watching

When should you book a flight to Ireland for the best whale watching experience? Well Ireland has a long whale watching season, but the months vary depending on which species you want to see.

Fin whales: from September to December

Humpback whales: from November to January

Risso’s dolphins: March to May

minke whales: March – November

basking sharks: from April to July

Several dolphin species: from August to December

porpoises, sea birds, seals and turtles: summer months


Photos: aine60, leppre, aine60, garrettc / Flickr cc.

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