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The low cost airline with a reputation for charging passengers for everything apart from the air they breathe is really considering offering free wifi onboard its flights for business travellers. Could this really be true?

Ryanair has really made an effort to change its image and this is the latest move that could see the budget airliner move into a lot of traveller’s favour. Ryanair is hoping to attract more business travellers by offering free wifi on selected flight routes. The airline’s Chief Technology Officer has revealed that the service could be free, but funded by adverts from businesses located in the destination city.

Along the same lines, the airline is also toying with the idea of offering an in-flight entertainment service that would stream video content to passenger’s smartphones and tablets. So far, it’s not clear whether passengers will have full browsing capabilities or whether passengers could pay extra for a fast, fully functioning connection.

Img: juanedc / Flickr cc.

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