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It’s no surprise that we’ve found someone on the Team who loves to travel! Amélie is ready for her close up and to tell us why she loves to travel and where she’s been. From Tanzania in the Indian Ocean to India and then the USA!

Hi Amélie, can you introduce yourself quickly before we dive in?

I work in marketing and communications and I love to travel. I see and speak “travel” all day and have been so inspired to travel more since joining the team here at

You recently went on a trip to Zanzibar, quite an original destination. Why Zanzibar?

It’s all thanks to! We have a tool that’s called the Deal Map which allows users to set a maximum budget but also flight duration and desired temperature in the destination. I played around with it and had the idea to book flights to Zanzibar. My budget was around €600 and I wanted to venture a little further afield so Zanzibar was a perfect destination in the Indian Ocean, between Africa and Asia.

What did you take away from this trip?

It was a really easy trip. I didn’t plan very much except for a few activities and outings that I definitely didn’t want to miss. It was easy to find a hotel and to travel around the island. The people there were so friendly and everyone said “hello” when passing on the streets. I was a little afraid it would be just another “sun and sand” holiday but there were a ton of things to see and do.

Collecting algae from the sea

What activities do you recommend for others heading to Zanzibar?

Diving! It was the perfect place to dive and the conditions were fabulous. I also took a cooking class to learn some local recipes in the village next to our hotel. We cooked at a women’s house in the traditional way: surrounded by family-life with kids running around us before it was their bedtime. The food was delicious and I was able to take some really nice photos.

You’ve also travelled extensively in India, can you tell us more about your trips there?

The first time I went to India I spent four months in Calcutta. It was a good opportunity to travel somewhere exotic, with a new culture, because I was still in university. I took the chance to visit the northern part of the country and Nepal. I liked it so much that I’ve been back to India twice since then to visit the south.

What’s your favourite travel memory?

I was amazed, just like a little kid, to see 30 dolphins jumping out of the water around me when I was on holidays in Zanzibar. I don’t know if it’s my favourite travel memory but it’s the first one that comes to mind. It was a surprise because we were just about to leave for our dive and we were in an area not particularly known for having dolphins.

What type of traveller are you?

I guess I half-organise, half-improvise when I travel. I like to learn about a country before I visit and usually buy a guide but usually I simply book a hotel for my first night and then see what happens next. I also travel very light. My bags are generally very small: passport, credit card, t-shirt, shoes, shorts and I’m off!


What makes a trip successful for you?

It’s a trip with someone who I am compatible with. We could get on really well day-to-day but not at all when travelling. So be careful when choosing your travel partner! It’s also a trip where the activities are varied. I like to be independent and have enough freedom to explore and interact with the local people.

Where did your passion for travel come from?

I didn’t really travel abroad with my parents growing up. We always spent our holidays at home in France. My first big trip was when I was 18. I went to the USA with my best friend for a moth to visit New York, Minneapolis and St. Louis with huge suitcases, no travel guide and no phone. We organised everything ourselves and I think even at that time, I knew that I liked to travel that way, and that it wasn’t all that complicated.

At work all day we talk about travel and see dream destinations… which also makes me want to travel further and see more!

What was your wildest trip so far?

Probably this trip to the USA. I was 18 and we were two young girls sleeping in youth hostels. Today, looking back, I think it was really something extraordinary to do that trip.

What destinations do you dream of visiting?

India… I still want to go back! I love that country and there’s still so much more to discover. I can take advantage of the tricks I’ve learnt on previous trips that make life easier but still know that the next trip will be amazing, complicated, funny, tiring and exotic… everyday has new surprises! After only two days I always feel like I’ve been there for weeks!

I’d also love to visit Scotland. The wilderness and nature there is something I’d love to explore. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about the Isle of Skye.

Then there’s Thailand but I’d go there with a goal in mind: to pass my PADI (diving diploma). That’s my next project.

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