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It looks like UK travellers are hot for the Maldives this year, as visitor numbers are up an impressive 8% for the first three months of this year.

These figures come in from the Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation, who estimates that 25,100+ UK tourists visited the Maldives in the first quarter of the year, compared to only 23, 300 in 2014.

The Maldives is doing what it can to make all these new tourists comfy. There are a number of new hotel developments on the islands, as well as a new luxury seaplane transfer from Male to Dhonakulhi Island.

This year in particular is a great time to book flights to the Maldives, as the destination is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence in July, so there will be plenty of cultural events to take part in!

Img: wrosgen / Flickr cc.

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