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Japan Airlines knows what travellers really need at airports: mobile phone charging stations. So they’ve gone ahead and installed them at their boarding gates.

Instead of installing power outlets around support columns or under airport seating, passengers flying with Japan Airlines from Osaka can now stand near the gate and use one of the many power outlets, including AC sockets and USB power ports.

Passengers can either stand while their devices are charging, or take a seat at one of the bar chairs nearby to catch up on work while they wait until it’s time to board their flight. In order to keep the charging station available to as many passengers as possible, JAL has make the area highly function oriented, not comfort oriented.

The airline is only trialling the ideal at Osaka Airport and if it’s a success, you could see more power bars added to other domestic airports in Japan. For now, you can find them at gates 15, 17, 18, 21 and 23 in Osaka.

Img: JAL

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