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Passing through US immigration could be made a lot easier for travellers departing from London Heathrow and Manchester thanks to new plans.

Around 4 million British travellers head to the US every year. We can say without argument that one of the worst parts of travelling across the Atlantic, besides the jet lag and the possibility annoying passengers sitting next to you, is having to queue up at the other end to go through immigration.

This could all change however as the Government and the Obama administration are currently working o n plans to station US immigration officers at Heathrow and Manchester airports. It would mean that all immigration formalities would be taken care of before your flights, so you would be treated like a domestic traveller upon arrival on your flights to New York, or wherever else you choose to touch down.

Heathrow and Manchester are among 10 European airports which are candidates for this new plan but it could take around 2 years before we actually see any immigration officers in American uniforms.

Img: Katie Haugland / Flickr cc.

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