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2014 has definitely been the year of the drone. There have been so many incredible videos produced with year with amazing video footage from flying drones and while airlines are complaining they’re getting too close to planes, we think the outcome are changing the way we perceive travel.

While we always have helicopter footage, aerial drones are giving us a whole new perspective on landscapes. Take this video below from Iceland as a fine example. We’ve shared a ton of videos and posts about visiting Iceland (can you tell it’s on our bucket list?) and we’re happy to show another one, this time created with a low cost drone.

For travel brands and tourism boards, drones are the future and even small firms will have to find a way to incorporate them into their marketing material if they want to keep up with the rest. Visitors can get a whole new perspective on a destination with these videos, from the size and scale of a place from way up high to the incredible detail of something as the drone zooms up close.

See what we mean?

Img: screenshot from video

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