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Norway could be on its way to losing its reputation for having some of the most pristine wilderness and natural landscapes in Europe if a new proposal to dump waste into the fjords goes ahead. Norway is fighting back.

Nordic Mining is planning to dump its waste into the Førde Fjord, located in the western part of the country. The news has sparked concern not only from environmentalists and politicians but also cruise companies and tour operators who run excisions through that region, known for its pristine landscapes. The fjords are one of the biggest draws for visitors who book flights to Norway.

If the plan goes ahead it could see 6.5 tons of heavy metal and 10 tons of chemical waste being dumped into the fjord everyday for the next fifty years as the mining company removes minerals from a nearby mountain. The fjord in question is also an important spawning ground for cod and salmon, which will undoubtedly affect not only tourism but Norway’s big fishing export industry.

For now, Norway’s ministry of climate and environment are preparing a case on the issue for the government to consider before Nordic Mining can go ahead with its plan.

Img: greenexplorer / Flickr cc.

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