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With the announcement from President Barack Obama that he plans to re-establic diplomatic ties with Cuba could mean that the travel ban against Americans visiting the Caribbean island will be lifted in the near future.

This is the news that airlines, hotel chains and tour operators have been waiting very patiently for. Many Americans too, who have been longing to explore this incredible country, may soon be able to. Until now, only close family members of Cubans, academics and students on accredited cultural education programs have been able to visit.

American tourists will likely soon become a common sight in Cuba. Obama’s decision to ease travel restrictions will see an influx of travellers but it’s likely that limitations will remain. As relationships evolve between the two countries, it will become clearer how Americans will travel to Cuba and under what restrictions.

For now, Europeans and Canadians can still enjoy their quiet flights to Havana and enjoy the island before the American tourist “invasion” begins.

Img: vxla / Flickr cc.

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