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LAX really doesn’t have a lot going for it. Los Angeles’ tired airport is really not the welcome any traveller expects when boarding flights to Los Angeles. But Virgin’s new lounge will certainly brighten moods; this place is as swanky as a downtown bar!

The new Virgin Atlantic clubhouse is located in Terminal 2, in the former Air France/KLM lounge space. It has been completed refurbishes into a beautiful, sleek and modern lounge for tired passengers to rest before taking off. The space was designed more with passengers anticipating a long flight ahead in mind, rather than creating a workspace for business travellers.

It’s all about comfort, design and amenities, not about workspaces and conference rooms.

On the menu, enjoy California specialties like miso doughnuts with honey caramel, green papaya salad with child crab toast or a custom juice from the juice bar. Virgin, you’ve won us over! Let’s take a look inside…





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Imgs: Virgin Atlantic

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