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Film tourism is big business and Mexico City said that filming of the newest James Bond movie, Spectre, would be a boom for the city’s colonial district.

Travellers love visiting film locations of their favourite flicks, like these top film locations around Europe! Lovers of the James Bond films will be looking to travel a little bit further though, in order to visit the places where the newest adventure was shot. Anyone looking for flights to Mexico City?

The city’s government reported that hotel occupancy in the city’s historic quarter was up 30% during the filming and that the number of visitors to the area was up 53%. Publicity from the media is also expected to boost business to Mexico City, bringing the world’s attention to this forgotten part of the city.

Daniel Craig no doubt plays the hero in the movie, but James Bond may have been just the thing Mexico City needed to give its city tourism industry a little boost.

Img: kevin53 / Flickr cc.

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