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Annoying passenger horror stories have inspired JetBlue’s latest campaign, which hopes to inspire passenger #FlightEtiquette and give us tips on how to be less annoying.

JetBlue‘s newest campaign is all about how annoying other travellers can be. The series was inspired by other travellers “horror” stories. The airline’s Brand Analyst, Chan Tran explains,

“Travel brings together all types of diversity and with it, unexpected moments that can be humorous, heartwarming, and yes, sometimes frustrating. #FlightEtiquette is all about the situational behaviors that can occur between strangers during air travel.”

It’s funny. It’s light-hearted. And the actors are totally over the top, and we love that. This is the first video and JetBlue promises there are more to come, brought to you by the improv actors of New York City’s Upright Citizens Brigade.

What do you think of JetBlue’s latest campaign?

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