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Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd drives our wanderlust to a whole new level with this incredible landscape photographs. Her shots feature wanderers and adventurers in the most magnificent landscapes. They’re incredible, don’t you think?

This self-taught 21-year old photographer from Vancouver, Canada definitely caught our eye from the first image. It’s no wonder she has a keen eye for landscape photography, given that she grew up in such close proximity to mountains, forests, fields and the ocean. Elizabeth lots to travel, wander and explore… something that’s clearly evident in her work.

Her aim?

To “display human interaction with nature in a positive and peaceful way.”

Equally as impressive is that a lot of these are self-portraits she takes while wandering around with her two dogs for company. If you’re hoping to hone your own photography skills, Gadd suggests undertaking a “365 project” where you challenge yourself to take one photograph a day for an entire year.

Want to see more of her work? Check her out on Facebook or on her website. After seeing these, we can’t wait to book flights to Vancouver and discover more of Canada’s west coast.











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