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Chief exec, Michael O’Leary reveals Ryanair could ditch its yellow and blue interiors in favour of more subtle colours in the future.

The airline has really put an effort forward in 2014 to improve its image in the general public, including launching a new website, putting more family services in place and cutting extra fees. Michael O’Leary did admit he was the one responsible for the airline’s colour scheme, a decision made 10 years ago.

He commented to the Irish Independent, “If we’re going to focus more and more, as we are, on the customer experience, maybe a little less in your face and the use of more subtle colours and better imaging.”

He continued,

“I think on the bulkheads we’re looking at something a bit more lively than just the yellow with the blue Ryanair logo. We’re looking at different alternatives such as photos of happy, smiley people, destinations – something a bit more visually interesting than just the traditional old logo.”


While the new designs are in the planning phase, a representative from the airline confirmed they would not be unveiled before 2019 when the new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 200s are delivered.

Img: bigpresh / Flickr cc.

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