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The Shroud of Turin is now on display for the first time in five years and is expected to attract some one million people over the coming weeks.

The city of Turin is going to be one buzzing place this summer as the Shroud of Turin is put on display for the masses to see at the Chapel of the Holy Shroud. The shroud is typically only displayed once every 25 years, unless there’s another special occasion, like an anniversary (400 years since its arrival, in 1978).

The last time this 14-foot relic went on display however was in 2010 and only for a couple of months. More than two million people flocked to Turin to see it. This time only half of that number is expected to book flights to Turin to see it. So, why display it now?

Officially it’s being displayed to celebrate the birth of St John Bosco, who was born in August 200 years ago. But unofficially, it’s a great way to promote tourism to the city at a time when the economy could use a little push. Either way, it’s bound to be a highlight for many travellers heading to Italy this summer.

Img: bostoncatholic / Flickr cc.


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