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What happens when you happen upon a family of lions on your South African safari, and one lioness decides she wants to join you in your safari jeep? You’d freak out too!

A family enjoying a South Africa safari get the surprise of their lives when a lioness from a pride of nearby lions approaches their car door, only to open the passenger door with her teeth! Sisters Kaoline and Cindy were filming the lions as they were driving past and can be heard making comments like “yikes” in the clip.

But one curious lioness got a little too close for comfort! The next thing you know the lion has its jaws around the car door handle and opens it. Of course a lot of screaming follows, and then someone says, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t realise they could do that!”


With all the doors of the car closed and locked, the group let out a nervous laugh and continue on their way.

While we can’t promise the same will happen to you the next time you book flights to South Africa, but we can promise it’s the place to go if you’re looking for incredible wildlife and the adventure of a lifetime!

Img: screenshot from video

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