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Outfitting planes with flashy themed exteriors seems to be a growing trend in the airline industry. Last month Brussels Airlines revealed their Tintin themed plane and this month it’s ANA with its R2-D2 Dreamliner.

This newly painted Dreamliner marks the beginning of a five-year agreement between All Nippon Airways and The Walt Disney Company’s Japanese division. The star of the new campaign is of course an R2-D2 787-9 Dreamliner, which is set to take to the skies in the early autumn.

This is the first ever passenger aircraft to feature a Star Wars character. But why R2-D2? ANA’s Exec in Sales and Marketing commented,

“The R2-D2 motif works well with ANA’s blue logo design on the aircraft’s fuselage, and many people associate R2-D2 with competent and reliable service—also hallmarks of ANA’s 5-star service.”

The Star Wars project will continue until 2020, and the airline promises a range of “novel initiatives” that will exceed the new aircraft’s paint job. We look forward to it!

Img: ANA

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