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Car maker Ford decided to give kids an opportunity to voice their opinions and reveal what annoys them most about car journeys and their parents on a car journey. This could get interesting. 

A parent’s job is tough: we know that all too well. We often hear parents complaining about their kids and yes it’s a full time job. And as you can predict, journeys in that cramped ticking time bomb we called a car, are arguments waiting to happen.

But what about the flipside? Do parents really think they’re all rainbows, fairy dust and smiles?

2,002 children aged 7 – 12 in Europe where surveys, countries included UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The company wanted to get a better understanding of what children like and don’t like about travelling in cars.

The top offender was singing parents, 39% of the UK children surveyed said their singing parents were their biggest pet hate. 74% of French children, however, said that road rage was their parents worst habit adding that they would use ‘naughty words’ and get angry at other drivers.

Road rage was a common offender among most countries; across the full demographic 61% of the children said their parent’s road rage was annoying behaviour.

And as for bribes, as expected, snacks, smart phones and movies were the most common bribes from parents in an attempt to get their kids to behave.

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IMG: bengrey / Flickr cc.

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