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Check out this little video for a taste of what you can discover on a weekend trip to Budapest. From Turkish baths, ruins bars in the Jewish Quarter, Sziget Festival, and more!

Festival-goers from across Europe will be well-familiar with Budapest. The Hungarian capital hosts the “European Woodstock” every summer, Sziget Festival which attracts 400,000 people to Óbuda, an island just north of the city. Faithful readers of this blog will know that there’s more to Budapest than just a summer music festival!

There are thermal baths scattered across the city (boys and girls attending the festivals, listen up because you’ll definitely need a shower once Sziget is all over!), the Danube, relics from the Austro-Hungarian empire and of course the ruin bars.

Ruin what? Bars in ruined old buildings, places left to crumble in the city’s Jewish district have long been places frequented by locals but tourists are getting a slice of the action too now. Want to see Budapest from a local’s point of view? Don’t miss our post Like a local: Budapest.

This little video gives a small taste of what you can do while visiting Budapest for a weekend. Will you be able to resist the temptation to book a flight to Budapest after this short film? We’re not so sure! We promise, there’s plenty more to see in the Hungarian capital than what’s on show here.

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