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Caribbean beaches, mountain landscapes, Bob Marley and reggae music, the capital city of Kingston… there are countless things to see and do in Jamaica, one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Here are some ideas to get you started!

How to get there? When you start searching for flights to Jamaica, look for flights that touch down at either Montego Bay, the main tourist hub on the north side of the island, or Kingston, the capital and second largest airport. If you search far enough in advance, you can find flights for as little as £600 (return, all taxes included) with Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Lufthansa or Air Canada.

What to see and do in Jamaica

Hang out at the glorious beaches

Located right in the heart of the Caribbean, Jamaica has plenty of amazing beaches to discover, with warm waters and white sand. Make sure you check out Seven Miles Beach in Negril and Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay. Of course, there’s also the famous James Bond Beach  near Ocho Rios, where writer Ian Fleming wrote the books about the famous secret agent.


Take a trip to the mountains

It’s no secret that Ian Fleming appreciated the amazing views of what is now known as James Bond Beach from the spectacular mountains of Santa Maria, near his Jamaican residence called Goldeneye. Fact: despite all the amazing beaches, Jamaica is actually quite hilly. Take a day trip out to the Blue Mountains where you can also taste some of the best coffee in the world.



On top of its beaches, Jamaica is famous for its waterfalls. Dunn River in Ocho Rios is probably the most famous and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Somerset Falls in Port Antonio is also nice. The most adventurous should check out Blue Hole, where you can jump from several metres up into the pool below.


A bit of culture in the capital, Kingston

The city of Kingston is home to some 1 million people and is the capital of the island. It’s the largest and most cosmopolitan city where you can go shopping, stay up all night partying, visit the theatre, enjoy art galleries and museums, and plenty more! This is the place to be if you want to dive into Jamaica’s cultural scene.


Discover Bob Marley and reggae music

You can’t go to Kingston and not check out the most popular museum: The Bob Marley Museum, located in the house where the King of Reggae once lived from 1975 until his death in 1981. The house was converted into a museum by his widow Rita Marley, and features personal belongings, photographs and more.


Play golf in Montego Bay

The north-western part of the island is the best place to practise your swing. Montego Bay is the tourism hub of the island and while there are excellent beaches here, there’s also excellent golf courses. Rent a set of clubs and spend the day out on the green.


Scuba dive in Port Antonio

Port Antonio, in the north-east, is the best place to take part in water sports and underwater adventures. Blue Lagoon Beach, with its calm waters, is the ideal place to go snorkelling and scuba diving. Rio Grande is great for white water rafting. The city itself, the old plantain port, is charming too.


Love Jamaica? What other activities do you recommend for first-time visitors?

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