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Belarus: medieval castles and historic towns

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Planning a trip to the beautiful country of Belarus? The first thing you’ll need to do to plan your trip is book some flights to Minsk International Airport (MSQ), located just under an hour from the capital city. Aeroflot flies from London, as does Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa.

When to book flights to Belarus

Belarus can be pretty bleak in the wintertime but that of course isn’t an issue if you’ve travelled for winter sports and snow. For sightseeing and touring in the countryside, summer is the best time. Book your flights to Belarus at least 4-5 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, June-September.
  • Low season: Winters can be very cold.

Flight duration

Flights to Belarus take around 5 hours with a stopover from London.

Experience Belarus: what to see, what to do

Belarus is a gem in Eastern Europe, sharing a border with Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. It’s a crossroads of cultures and has a rich history to discover. From the capital of Minsk to the historic city of Polack and to the castles in Lida.

Essentials in Belarus

Minsk: Tourism is just beginning to boom in the capital. Start off at the National Art Museum and don’t miss out on the Palac Mastactva and the former KGB Headquarters.

Polack: This is the oldest city in Belarus. It was first mentioned in texts dating back to 862 and is home to some impressive and important architecture. Don’t miss the Museum of Belarusian Printing and the Cathedral of Saint Sophia.

Lida: If you fancy visiting a medieval castle while you’re in Belarus, take your rental car for a trip to Lida. The castle was erected in the 14th century, during the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Find more information on Belarus Tourism.

Accommodation in Belarus

There’s plenty of hotels in Belarus’ bigger cities. It is advised to keep your belongings locked up in your room or bring them with you when you go out for the day. Always book your hotels in advance to avoid disappointment.

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