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Are you pregnant and planning to travel during pregnancy? You might be wondering until what pregnancy week can I fly? Some airline companies have very specific regulations when it comes to women flying with a bun in the so-called oven. Here is what you need to know before planning your holiday and how to avoid difficulties when checking in at the airport and when boarding.

Rules and Regulations:

Did you know that Ryanair allows women to fly up to their 36th week of pregnancy? This is the norm though for many airlines, afraid of having to deal with whatever situations might arise after that. Ryanair’s policy though only applies to women waiting to have a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. If the passenger however is expecting twins, the limit drops to 32 weeks.

Mothers-to-be who would like to travel must also submit a signed and approved doctor’s note indicating that yes, they are fit and healthy to travel by airplane. This note must be written in English and must include the expected date of delivery and a confirmation that there is no reason, to the doctor’s knowledge, why the passenger shouldn’t fly.

Here are some great tips for flying whilst pregnant for Mum and Dad.

Airline policies:

The above mentioned note is pretty common across the board however some airlines do differ quite a lot between what they allow and don’t allow concerning pregnant passengers. If you are planning to fly and are pregnant, it’s strongly recommended to read up on your individual airline’s policy before you book. If for some reason you are unfit to fly, in most cases you are not eligible for a refund.

What do the airlines say:


  • If a passenger is expecting more than one baby – for example, twins – then they cannot fly past the 32nd week of pregnancy.
  • Women past the end of the 35th week of pregnancy are not eligible to fly.
  • If a passenger has experienced any complications during the pregnancy, they are advised to consult a medical practitioner before flying.


  • All women up until their 36th week fo pregnancy are eligible to fly with a doctor’s note.
  • If a passenger is expecting more than one baby, twins for example, then they cannot fly later than their 32nd week of pregnancy.

British Airways

  • There are no restrictions for pregnant passengers up until their 36th week of pregnancy, or 32 weeks in the case of a multiple birth.
  • Women travelling past their 7th month of pregnancy are asked to travel with a doctor’s note stating their present bill of health and that they have their doctor’s permission to travel. It must also include the expected delivery date.

KLM/Air France

  • All women travelling while pregnant should consult their doctor beforehand before booking any flights with either KLM or Air France.
  • KLM does not allow pregnant passengers to fly past their 36th week of pregnancy or 34th week in the case of a multiple birth.
  • Air France only requires women past their 36th week of pregnancy to travel with a doctor’s note.

The best advice for pregnant travellers is to check the regulations before booking to avoid unplanned problems when trying to board. Although not all airlines require a written doctor’s note, it is recommended to consult your doctor before flying during pregnancy.

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