Where to go in June

Flight to St Petersburg
St. Petersburg
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Waht to do in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg waits all winter long for June to arrive, when the summer solstice brings with it the longest nights of the year. To celebrate, this city never sleeps but instead parties, dances and discos all night long. The magic of the White Nights makes this city irresistible in June when the city’s art and culture scene explodes with special exhibitions, performances and programmes, all set against the stunning imperial backdrop of the city.

Peter the Great did a fine job building European-inspired palaces, cathedrals and churches. The result was Russia’s first modern city, something that can still be felt today. The White Nights Festival is the perfect chance to experience St. Petersburg’s unrivalled art scene. Stop by the Hermitage and the Russian Museum during the day, and in the evenings, a classical concert by the Shostakovich Philharmonic or a ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre is a must. And when you just can’t stay up any longer, make the trek back to your hotel and hope that those blackout curtains really work.

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June is almost the warmest time of the year in St. Petersburg, when afternoon temperatures can climb up past 20°C but dip again in the night.

Flight to Lisbon
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What to do in Lisbon?

One can never underestimate a trip to Lisbon. It’s the antidote for just about every one of life’s problems. It’s the perfect place to bounce back from a break up, to woo your sweetheart back into your arms, to make new friends and catch up with old ones. Lisbon is everything you’d expect it to be, and more.

Stretching over the Rio Tejo, you’ll stumble upon gothic cathedrals, monasteries and eccentric museums. Take the back alleyways in old Alfama and you’ll find the quaintest shops around, outdoor patios for enjoying a cup of coffee and a custard cream tart (a Portuguese speciality). When the sun begins to set, head up to Bairro Alto, on top of the hill, to relish in the delights on offer at the restaurants here. After dinner, follow the sound of jazz, fado, reggae and electronic music pouring out of the bars and clubs. Lisbon is your oyster, so grab that pearl and make the most of the summer’s longest nights.

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Lisbon can get stifling hot during the summer months, which is why early June is just the right time to enjoy the beautiful weather, without the full intensity of the season.

Flight to Montreal
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What to do in Montreal?

There is nothing sweeter than soaking up the summer in Montreal. This city’s mix of street food and trendy eateries, paired with its love for live music and festivals, make this the ultimate hangout place. June is perfect; it’s right before the real crowds arrive for the summer holidays. Make the most of your days taking in the 18th-century charm of Old Montreal and an afternoon cycling along the Canal de Lachine. A flat white on a terrace café in Plateau Mont-Royal will give you a kick for the rest of the day, and amazing views over the city.

No other Canadian city compares to this beauty in terms of culture and art. Montreal boasts some 250 theatre and dance companies and 90 major festivals to celebrate the city’s artists, writers and musicians. The Festival International de Jazz is without a doubt the biggest but you can catch open-air concerts all summer long here. Pack your camera, pack your Moleskine, pack your Converse and you’re all set for kicking back in Montreal.

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Early summer coaxes all the Canadians out of their homes and into the city streets. June brings with it long, sunny days that are perfect for city sightseeing.

Flight to Malta
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What to do in Malta?

Want to get a head start on summer? Malta’s high season kicks off in July but if you’re after a cheaper jaunt, then June is definitely the time to go before the summer rush arrives and you can bag a bargain on a Valetta hotel. Malta truly is a cultural crossroads, with its language peppered with Italian and French words and its cuisine the perfect balance of Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Malta isn’t just a great destination for the beach; it’s also home to some of the most impressive prehistoric sights, like the 5,000-year-old necropolis, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Walled cities and fortresses dot the islands and underground, miles and miles of WWII tunnels still remain. Whether it’s the history that attracts, the deep blue sea or the succulent smell of a grilling rabbit (a local speciality) that draws you to Malta, it’s a trip you won’t regret.

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June greets visitors with hot and sunny days, without too much humidity, so you can enjoy some days at the beach as well as touring this country’s beautiful cities, cliffs, coves and temples.

Flight to Tanzania
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What to do in Tanzania?

Your African adventure starts here, in Tanzania. June marks the very beginning of high travel season, when the country is cool and dry. You can expect real crowds in July and August; so early June is the perfect time to plan a trip to Tanzania. Foliage is sparse, making it easy to spot animals as they congregate around water sources. Chances are that Tanzania has made your travel list because of its wildlife but this country has so much to offer than just spots and stripes!

Meet a Maasai warrior and shop at a local market in the Usambara Mountains, enjoy a few days on a tranquil beach on the Indian Ocean and spend a day or two hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest freestanding mountain. Wherever you spend your days while travelling in Tanzania, don’t miss waking up at dawn to see the sun rise over the grasslands; it’s really something magical and the charm of the local people will infect your heart, bringing a smile to your face when you think back on your trip to this remarkable place.

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June is the tail-end of Tanzania's rainy season and when the weather is at its absolute best: warm to hot days with cool temperatures in the evenings.

Flight to Stockholm
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What to do in Sweden?

If you’re looking for that idyllic wilderness experience this summer, Sweden is just the ticket. Steer clear of Stockholm and head straight for the country’s more northern regions that are dotted with lakes and cottages, endless forests and rocky islands covered in silver birches with your Sweden car hire. Sweden’s natural landscape is something worth writing home about. It’s really what charms so many travellers to leave the city far behind.

Spend your days sailing from island to island, across an archipelago or trekking along a trail through the northern wilderness. In June, the days are the longest, leaving you more sun-filled hours to cycle, walk, swim, fish and forage for berries in the forests. Plan your trip to coincide with the country’s Midsummer celebrations, on a Friday between the 19th and 25th of June when families gather to drink, eat, pick flowers to make wreaths to place on the maypole. It’s the country’s most traditional celebration that’s not to be missed!

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Summer in Sweden is totally sweet. The days are incredibly long and sunny, but maybe cooler than you might expect if you head up north.