Where to go in January

Flight to Bahamas
from £581

What to do in the Bahamas?

Bust out the sun hats, flip flops and bikinis. It’s time to banish the winter blues with a trip to the Bahamas! There are 700 islands and 2,400 cays to explore here, with stories of pirates and rum smugglers to inspire. Whether you’re looking for a party at the glamorous Atlantic resort or a secluded strip of pink sand on Eleuthera, the Bahamas has something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Touch down in Nassau for a spot of shopping before you hit the beach. This city is known for its duty-free goods, from jewellery to perfumes, rum cakes to coins. If you’re looking for the A-crowd, New Providence is the perfect choice. The buzz of Paradise Island and Cable Beach will keep you busy for days! Hoping for a Robinson Crusoe adventure? Wander the lonely cays on Exuma, or give kayaking, kite-boarding or sailing a try.

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The Bahamas enjoys 320 sunny days a year but winter is by far the best time to visit, between December and April, for delightful days warmer than 20°C.

Flight to Las Vegas
Las Vegas
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What to do in Las Vegas?

Let’s go to Vegas baby! Tempted to put your Christmas money into a savings account? No way! January is the perfect time to splash out on the ultimate escape! Las Vegas is a city without time: there are no clocks in the casinos and the all-you-can-eat buffets never seem to close. While the casinos, iconic Vegas hotels and resorts are certainly a big draw for tourist crowds here, the city is also the perfect jumping off point for trips to Nevada’s legendary Death Valley and even further to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

For a taste of the local culture, escape The Strip and head downtown to the vintage shops and old-fashioned cocktail bars. The city has some of the most bizarre and intriguing museums too: the Mob Museum and Neon Sign Museum to name a couple.

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Winter is ideal for trip to Las Vegas, when the desert heat is at a minimum, making it all the more comfortable for exploring the city and the surrounding national parks.

Flight to Geneva
The Alps
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What to do in the Alps?

Geneva is the gateway to the Alps from Switzerland and the best place to start if you’ve set eyes on a ski trip in the Swiss Alps. It’s best to wait until a couple weeks after Christmas to hit the slopes, at least until schools start back again and the holiday rush dies down. Where do you start exploring the Alps? Villars is a great choice. It’s a traditional village with gentle family-friendly runs, and is a stone’s throw from Geneva Airport.

If you’re an ace boarder, the off-piste and glacier runs on the Diablerets will give you something to Facebook about at the end of the day. Mont Blanc is also only an hour away by car from Geneva, with the Chamonix Valley a top choice for this area. Sure, the runs are world-class but the nightlife is also worth checking out once the chairlift stops for the evening. Be sure you don’t just use Geneva as your airport hub. This super sleek city is worth a visit in its own right!

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For ski trips, there's no better time to go than in January. Ski season generally kicks off in mid-December, so you're almost guaranteed a decent amount of powder by the New Year.

Flight to Nairobi
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What to do in Kenya?

If you’re tired of the cold rain around England this time of the year, it only makes sense to head south. Way south. Fancy going on an African safari? January is peak time to visit Kenya, when it is hot and dry, which is essential if you want to make sure you see all the big boys in the wildlife parks. At this time of the year, the animals tend to congregate mostly around water sources, making it easier to spot and track elephants, rhinos, zebras and more.

If you want the complete Kenyan experience, there are a few key spots you have to go. First, touch down in Nairobi and then it’s off to Masai Mara National Reserve where the wildebeest and zebra migrations take place. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the “Big 5” here in one go: lions, leopards, buffalos, rhinos and elephants all roam freely here. Lake Nakuru is home to the black rhino and millions of birds, from pelicans to flamingos. Finally, Amboseli National Park at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and the view from Observation Hill will be the cherry on the cake.

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January is one of the hottest months of year in Kenya, but it's also the best time for safaris. Expect hot and humid days near the coast and dry, temperate, days in the north.

Flight to Cape Town
Cape Town
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What to do in Cape Town?

There is nothing sweeter than Cape Town in summer. Luckily for us, that’s exactly during our winter. It’s hard not to fall in love with this city. Table Mountain dominates the landscape but there are endless other nature spots to explore: Green Point Park, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Signal Hill and coastal walks…

Once you’ve had enough fresh air, it’s time to get back to the city for some culture. Cape Town was the World Design Capital in 2014 and you can always find the latest in art at the galleries in Bo-Kaap and a charming boutique hotel. Wine lovers will want to escape the Cape Peninsula and explore the vineyards just beyond: Stellbosch and Franschloek are top picks. Why stop there? Hit the Garden Route and your South African itinerary is complete!

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January in Cape Town is just like July and August in the Mediterranean: warm and dry days, with a hint of salt in the air from the sea breezes.

Flight to Australia
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What to do in Australia?

Saying Australia is big is a pretty large understatement. You’d be hard-pressed to discover this entire continent in one trip. Whether you hop over to Sydney or head south to Melbourne, January is the ideal time to visit. From Cairns to Broome and Hobart too, the summer is a lush time to plan a trip to Australia’s mountains, beaches, deserts, reefs, forests and multicultural cities.

If it’s your first time Down Under, there are a few key things you’ll want to make sure are on your itinerary: Sydney (obviously), the Great Barrier Reef (since we never know how long it’ll be around), Uluru (your pilgrimage starts here), Karijini National Park (Western Australia’s gem of a park) and the Great Ocean Road between Anglesea and Apollo Bay. With long summer days, we can’t think of anything better than setting out on the open road with a camper van or even a rental car with a tent thrown in the boot. Getting up close and personal with this country is all part of the charm… just watch out for those poisonous spiders and whatnot.

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January is the peak of the summer season in Australia, so expect plenty of sunshine. The north tends to be hotter, and more tropical; while the south is a bit more arid at this time of the year.