Where to go in September

Flight to Barcelona
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What to do in Barcelona?

Barcelona, Spain’s offbeat and eccentric cultural capital, has plenty to keep just about anyone busy. This coastal city’s beaches are top-notch, the city’s museum are world-class and as far as the food and drinks are concerned, you can tuck into the best of coastal Spanish cuisine as well as Catalan specialities.

September is an ideal time to visit, after the summer crowds have all gone home. Cash in on end-of-the-summer hotel and flight discounts while still enjoying the warm sea and endless sunny days. Barcelona is the kind of city where you can play all day, and all night. Start with sunset drinks at a waterfront bar or right on the beach. Then head into the city centre, following the sound of jazz, flamenco and indie rock spilling out of vintage concert halls and basement bars. If you’re still awake at 3am, it’s time to hit the clubs to get a real experience of this city’s playful, wild side. Can you keep up?

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By the time September rolls around the peak heat of the summer has passed but don't get us wrong, the temperatures still climb to 30°C or warmer. Spend your mornings sightseeing, and your afternoons at the beach.

Flight to Greece
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What to do in Greece?

Some late-summer sun is never a bad idea and a Greek escape will be the perfect tincture for those end-of-the-summer blues. With high tourist season over by the end of August, you can cash in on savings of around 20% on hotels, villas and holiday apartments. Temperatures are a bit milder but you’ll still have long sun-filled days and a warm sea to enjoy. Drench yourself in sea spray as you hop from one island to the next, it’s an essential part of the Greek holiday experience.

Plan your route in advance though. With islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes to visit, you’ll find it difficult to fit them all in to one trip! Fancy staying on mainland instead? There’s plenty to do there too. Discover Greece’s ancient history, starting with the Acropolis in Athens and then visiting Ancient Delos, Delphi and Olympia with a car hire from Athens. Whether you want to spend your days at the beach, on the deck of your sailboat, hiking through pine forests or visiting ancient ruins, Greece won’t disappoint.

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September is hardly autumn in Greece, with plenty of hot, sunny days still to come in September and also October. This is a great time to hit the beach, without the summer crowds.

Flight to Istanbul
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What to do in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a magical and mystical city, where East meets West. September is the perfect time to jet away on a cultural city break to Turkey’s biggest city. Istanbul isn’t lacking in sights: cultural institutions and museums, ancient bazaars and markets, delicious places to eat and drink at any time of the day and more palaces and churches to count.

Take a tour around Topkapi Palace before stopping at a tea garden for lunch. An afternoon browsing the Grand Bazaar is the perfect treat before visiting a traditional bathhouse. Finally, get yourself to a rooftop terrace bar when the sun starts to set. The golden glow over such a city skyline is something spectacular. Beyoğlu is at the top of the list for places to go out, from bohemian bars to chic cocktail bars. Soak it all up: the minarets and the Bosporus, the galleries and endless mosaics.

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The climate in the autumn, September and October, is perfect for city sightseeing, with clear skies and warm, sunny days.

Flight to Zimbabwe
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What to do in Zimbabwe?

Have your sights on an African adventure this year? Zimbabwe is the perfect choice. September and October are the top times of the year to spot wildlife. The Big Five are ready for their close-up! Visit Mana Pools National Park, an UNESCO site, to spot hippos, elephants, zebra and crocs. Hwange Park is home to 30,000 elephants! Matobo National Park’s rock art caves will inspire, while the park’s inhabitants, the black and white rhinos, leopards and eagles are the real highlight.

A trip to Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe’s Riviera is the perfect base. Book yourself into a houseboat and wait for the lions, buffalo and rhinos to come to you. Victoria Falls is one of the most popular attractions in all of Africa. It’s up there with the Great Pyramids and the Serengeti. The sheer power and force of the water plunging off the edge of the falls will not disappoint!

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As far as choosing a time to visit, September is ideal, when the country enjoys some cooler temperatures.

Flights to Honolulu
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What to do in Hawaii?

There are plenty of reasons why Hawaii is one of the most sought-after beach destinations in the world. This place is paradise, with its sugary beaches, coral reefs and rugged volcanoes, waiting to be climbed. The islands here are beautiful: think picture-perfect landscapes. Just the sunrises and sunsets are enough to fill your camera’s memory cards.

While you’re more than welcome to spend your days on the beach, at your resort or next to a tropical waterfall, Hawaii is queen for outdoor activities too. Hike up a volcanic peak, trek along her sea cliffs, learn to surf or spend your day snorkelling among the tropical fish and sea turtles. Can you find Nemo? Kayak to an offshore island or zipline through cloud forests… have we tempted you yet? The trouble is, where to start? Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Honolulu or Waikiki? Truth is, it doesn’t matter! Grab your towel, your flip-flops and your sun hat, paradise is waiting.

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Head to Hawaii during the dry season, from April to September. The days are warmer this time of the year, but there is still a risk of hurricanes until November.

Flight to Singapore
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What to do in Singapore?

Singapore isn’t the stopover city it used to be. It has reinvented itself, becoming one of the world’s top destinations with top-drawer attractions and amenities for travellers. Pack your bags; modern and glamorous Singapore is waiting! Weather-wise, Singapore is great year-round. With cultural events and festivals all the time, this city hardly ever sleeps! High season is twelve months of the year, which is perfect if you don’t want to miss out on the party.

21st century Singapore is all about sci-fi architecture, multi-billion dollar gardens, contemporary art and chic coffee houses on every corner. Underneath all these modern features is a country with a rich history and a cultural landscape that can only be described as “global.” What better way to experience this city than through food? It’s a heavenly blend of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian flavours and then there’s the country’s unique Nonya cuisine. Tuck in, you are Singapore’s guest and you’re going to get the VIP treatment.

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Singapore doesn't really have seasons, due to its close proximity to the Equator. It rains year-round in sudden, heavy showers that don't usually last more than an hour. Don't forget to pack your umbrella!