Where to go in March

Flight to Tokyo
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What to do in Tokyo?

Nothing signals spring like new buds on the trees after a long winter. When springtime arrives in Japan, the country explodes into shades of pink as the cherry trees blossom together; Mother Nature’s version of a synchronised dance. Tokyo in March is a must if you want to experience the magic of this season. It’s hard to predict exactly when the Cherry Blossom Festival, known as Ueno Sakura Matsuri, will begin but mid-March is a pretty safe bet.

The best spots to enjoy the festival are in Ueno Onshi Park with over 1,000 trees, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden and along the Meguro River. It is not just the sight of the blossoms that “awaken the spirits” of the Japanese people but also the sweet smell. Everyone gets in the spirit, including McDonalds, which offers a special “cherry blossom burger” with pink buns this time of the year. Join the masses of Japanese youth snapping selfies in front of the pinkest trees; it’s practically a must these days!

Weather expected


Spring brings with it not only beautiful blossoms, but also warmer weather after months of winter. Expect sunny, bright days but cooler weather in the evenings.

Flight to Taiwan
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What to do in Taiwan?

Fancy a trip to Taiwan? While the summer months are without a doubt high season, there is nothing as magical as visiting during the country’s Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month every year. Temples big and small around the country hold celebrations at this time of the year but the honour of official host is shared, with a different city every year. Once you’ve had your fill of lanterns, it’s time to explore this island for all its worth!

Sea cliffs, deep marble gorges and tropical forests are the perfect backdrop for an active holiday of hiking, swimming in Penghu and exploring the Yushan Peaks. In the cities, you won’t go hungry with a whole range of Chinese delights on the menu as well as some seriously scrumptious local delights like steamed dumplings, oyster omelettes and shrimp rolls. Taiwanese temples are also a must while you’re here, with Longshan Temple being one of the most popular to visit in Lukang.

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It tends to rain year-round in Northern Taiwan, while Southern Taiwan enjoys dry, but mild, winters; something to consider when planning where to go.

Flight to Dublin
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What to do in Dublin?

If there is any time to soak up the delights of Dublin, it’s in March. While you can find green draft beer and shamrocks on the top of your Guinness just about anywhere in the world on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s nothing compared to the festivities that take place in the Irish capital on the day of the country’s patron saint. The big day takes place on March 17th every year, with grand parades, concerts, film festivals, family events and an annual 5km race. Everyone comes out decked in green to show their Irish pride and the city’s 1,000+ pubs are nothing short of overflowing for the whole week. Hotels in Dublin must be booked way in advance.

Dublin isn’t just a great city for parties and nights out; it’s a city with centuries of history and some pretty remarkable architecture left over from its golden age in the 18th century. Retrace the footsteps of James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and others, as you discover why Dublin will never become second-rate.

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Spring in Dublin is a mild affair in terms of weather. Expect cool days and cold evenings, just like England while you visit in March.

Flight to Tenerife
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What to do in Tenerife?

Treat yourself to a little springtime getaway. March is a pretty dreary time in England and there’s no better time to escape the rain and grey days for sunnier climes. Tenerife, the biggest Canary Island, is the perfect escape. March is the shoulder season so you can bag a deal on flights and a villa this time of the year and the days are deliciously warm, although the sea will be rather chilly! Who needs the Med though, when your hotel or villa has a heated pool, are we right?

While it’s easy to feel at home in Tenerife, with so many Brits around, make sure you relish in the island’s natural landscape: walk through tropical forests, explore old colonial towns, hike up the Pico del Teide and don’t miss the best of the island’s beaches. All this before siesta of course! Make sure you take some time for yourself, to soak up that much-needed Vitamin D and get at least enough for a tan to make the office jealous.

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Spring is a great season to travel to the Canary Islands. The sun is out, the days are deliciously warm and islands explode in wildflowers.

Flight to India
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What to do in India?

India is intoxicating: the smells of the spice markets, the colours of the women’s silk saris, their gold jewellery, the colonial architecture, the dust of the roads and the roar of tuk-tuks as they speed by. It’s a lot to take in and this country is best experienced slowly.

Deciding where to go in India will be your toughest decision. With city names that conjure up exotic images like Rajasthan, Goa, Darjeeling and Bengal, it’s good to know that the north is very different from the south but Delhi is a good place to start any trip. Once you’ve got the hang of this “Eastern Rome,” you’ll be able to navigate just about any city in India. Wherever your Indian adventure takes you, always expect the unexpected and you’ll get along with her just fine.

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Spring is the perfect time to plan a trip to India. It’s the end of the cool season (mid-February) and the days are pleasantly warm but not too humid yet.

Flight to New Zealand
New Zealand
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What to do in New Zealand?

It’s safe to say that Peter Jackson has put New Zealand on the tourist map. Whether you’re a Lord of the Rings fan or not, since the Oscar-winning trilogy, and now the Hobbit films hit cinemas, everyone’s been talking about this little country in the South Pacific. There are few other places in the world that can cater to travellers in the same way that NZ can.

The country isn’t much bigger than the UK but the population is about one-fourteenth the size so you definitely have room to explore here with your New Zealand car hire. For hiking enthusiasts, tackling one of the nine “Great Walks” will be a highlight while visiting New Zealand. Catch a rugby game while you’re here too, the All Blacks are pretty good! The country’s Maori culture is definitely one to seek out, whether you join a Maori feast (called a hangi) or catch a cultural performance. And after a long day of touring, you’ll be eager to tuck into some local favourites: Pacific seafood and Maori specialties like kumara (sweet potato) and kina (sea urchin).

Weather expected


Weather in New Zealand is extremely changeable, much like Scotland, but autumn tends to be quite consistent with warm days and cool evenings.