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Aigle Azur (ZI)

Aigle Azur is a French airline company that operates flights to destinations like Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), Mali and Portugal. It operates as well charter-flights to big European cities. Today Aigle Azur is the third largest airline in France.

Identity Card

  • IATA code: ZI
  • Number of serviced cities: 30 destinations
  • Main hub: Orly Airport, Paris (ORY)
  • Alliance: none
  • Fleet: 11 aircraft
  • Loyalty rewards program: Azur Plus

History of Aigle Azur

This small enterprise has a long history. It was founded in 1946 by Sylvain Floirat, a French business man that was very involved in the media. His first airplanes could transport 32 passengers. The company specialized its services early to the transportation of workers and expatriates to countries that were then under French rule: Tunisia, Lebanon, India, Algeria…

The company was sold in 1955 and then reestablished in 1970 under the name Lucas Aviation as a regional airline, operating short-distance flights, for example Deauville-London. From a modest size, Aigle Azur has grown tremendously since 2000. It developed notably by adding a regular route from France to Algeria and never stopping to open new routes to new destinations. The most recent one added was Madeira, Portugal in 2009.

Travel with Aigle Azur: practical information

  • Onboard services

    • Meals: There are complete meals served on-board, even short-distance flights. The meals consist of an entrée, main dish, dessert and snack, all in traditional French style
    • Entertainment: An in-flight magazine is available as well as a local newspaper.
  • Baggage Allowances

    • Cabin: 1 piece of luggage weighing 5kg max. with the sum of its total dimensions being 115cm max.
    • Checked: 1 piece weighing up to 25 or 30kg depending on destination, except reduced priced tickets in which there may be reduced weight restrictions.
    • Excess: the fee is 5€ per extra kilo.

Discounts and Special Offers

Aigle Azur offers certain discounts depending on your situation.

  • Couple’s Rate: for couples living together that are married or in common-law that travel together to the same destination.
  • Senior Rate: for passengers aged 55 or 60 years old depending on the destination.
  • Family Rate: for parents and at least one child aged 2-18. Babies are already subject to a 90% discounted ticket.


Telephone: 0 810 797 997